Few Amazing truths about Apple

Steve Jobs, who passed away in 2011, was a standout amongst the most cryptic pioneers and innovators of our era. But a couple of years after his death, his legacy can nevertheless be smelled in the air and Apple turned into the most valuable business on earth in 2014. After his death, not much altered with the business and it continues with its secret ways and techniques in the making of their products. For people that are not exactly Apple enthusiasts, there are a lot of interesting things about the business you might not know about. Let ‘s examine some of the very fascinating facts about Apple Inc. I am certain you will be surprised and they may present you a glance of the top-secret formulas that bring in such revolutionary products like the iPhone as well as the iPhone.

Besides revolutionizing the music industry, Apple moved on and revolutionized the mobile phone business. The rate at which Apple is adding its cashpile is really fascinating. By 2014, Apple had a cash amount of $160 billion accessible. Microsoft only had $85 billion while the US Treasury just had $49 billion in the first quarter of 2014, to set this amount in context. It is sufficient to get an iPod to every man in the US and there’s still going to be money left to further exemplify the scale of this cash pile. This cash reserve would put Apple Inc among the 50 largest economies if it were a country.

Based on a study in 2013, Apple’s revenue per employee is ‘off the graph’. Every single Apple worker brings in for the business a whopping annual revenue of $2. 13 million. This really is an insane amount in the event that you consider that each IBM employee only brings in revenue for the firm in less than $250,000. Falling behind in the second place is Cisco with the $500,000 income every worker produces is still far fetched from what Apple workers are creating. It is interesting to see how far such trend could continue and if it’s even possible for them to shatter its own record.

Apple is known worldwide for their iconic layout. There isn’t any such thing as an unsuccessful Apple store as every outlet is thought of as a monetary generating machine. Previously, Tiffany & Co was the king when it comes to the total amount of sales generated per square foot basis. In 2013, each Apple store reportedly produced twice as much revenues compared to Tiffany & Co. and that record was shatteredWhen the former record holder sells $3,017 Apple records $6,050 for every square foot. It even come close or will be a while before any other business emulates these results.

As years pass by, Apple never captures to shock the world with sales records and their products. What most companies consider not possible to do, they attain it with ease. They are constantly striving to achieve newer heights with their products and give customers something they never even believed would exist. Tim Cook had an astounding shoe. Many believe that Apple’s finest days are over but Tim cook and his team has up to now shown that they can maintain the company’s growth at least for now. But we understand that nothing lasts for eternity. One thing is that Apple will be a brand to keep an eye on for the next few years and many are already anticipating whether their new iWatch is going to allow it to be huge or not.


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